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Sharing knowledge

A vital part of the ITN WindMill Project is the opportunity to share knowledge. Our ESRs share knowledge among themselves, which makes for better results of their research. Our management team also shares knowledge, in order to organise the project and coordinate themselves. So it only makes sense that the ITN WindMill Project shares something too – this is why we have a Dissemination page. Below you can find links to the two types of documents we share: Publications and Deliverables.

What would research be if nobody could see the results? We think the answer isĀ nothing. That’s why we share links and abstracts of all the papers published by our participants.

It’s not all research and fun – the WindMill Project also has to provide pre-negotiated papers on different topics each year. You can find all of them on the Deliverables page.

Research pitches

Each research from our ESRs is unique. Here you will find a quick rundown on them, explaining everything in condensed format.